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Mirror and Picture Lights

Shop our range of LED Mirror and Picture lights that provide a decorative element as well as sufficient illumination at Al Salhiya Lighting. The sleek designs will accentuate the bold and elegant appeal.

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Mirror & Picture Wall Lights

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Mirror and Picture Lights

Transform your Space with Exciting Mirror and Picture Lights

The transformation of the spaces in your homes or offices can be as easy and dramatic as installing under-counter or mirror lights.

There's no doubt that lighted mirrors work well when installed in any bathroom. Lighted mirrors make it comfortable and easy to get ready in the early mornings for work or late-night parties with an adequate amount of illumination.

Mirror Lights make applying makeup effortless giving the user plenty of light to see even the tiniest details.

These LED lights add an essence of elegance and fun to your countertops and other workspaces along with illuminating them. 

The best way to highlight the presence of paintings or photographs on the walls is by adding picture lights that give the perfect emphasizing effect. 

Make your bookcase sparkle by adding picture lights on the sides or back of the shelves for a beautiful reading atmosphere.

A stylish way to highlight your washroom or bathroom is by adding a mirror light for a more exciting experience whenever you want to have a moment with yourself.

An unusual way of using mirror lights is by installing them over the entryway tables for providing a unique way to welcome the guests in your house.  

The bathroom mirror lights help you perform many different tasks, like dressing up or doing your hair while looking at your reflection with intricate details.

Tips for buying the Perfect Mirror and Picture Lights Online

With a plethora of lighting options available, ranging from rustic patterns to ultra-contemporary designs, it is challenging to find a lighting option with the perfect illumination and the one that complements the interiors of your house.

We have curated a few points below to help you with the positioning and styling of the lighting fixture in your home.

1. Mirror Lights can be used in small spaces like small bedrooms to help create the illusion of a larger area.

2. If you have landscape pictures, try using a picture lighting fixture that is about half the size of the image.

3. Portrait pictures look well when placed under a picture light that is almost half of the width of the picture.

4. To highlight the paintings on the wall, the thumb rule is to use a light that emits 2 times more light than the total light in the room. 

5. Mirror lights can be installed in bedrooms, entryways, bathrooms, and your dressing room for focussed and ambient illumination.

Browse More for Stunning Mirror and Picture Lights Online

We at Al Salhiya Lighting, UAE, offer hundreds of options for mirror lights in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials to help you pick the right lighting option for your bathroom or other spaces.

Whether you are looking for picture lights to focus on your wall paintings or a large mirror light in your bedroom for a luxurious and sophisticated feel of the room, our in-store executives will help you find it. 

Since we value your time and effort, we encourage you to check out our best offers of mirror and picture lights online at salhiyalighting.com!

If you need help choosing the right under counter lights for your project, visit salhiyalighting.com or simply send a WhatsApp message and our online representatives will guide you on how to get the bathroom lighting around your mirror and pictures just right.

You can also check out the various products that we offer at our Al Salhiya Lighting stores in the UAE, which offers a great lighting option that would complement the furnishings of your house.