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Floor Lamps

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Floor Lamps

Style your home with Beautiful Floor Standing Lamps

The opulent interiors of the house are incomplete without proper lighting, and that's where the floor standing lamps come in the picture. It is rightly said that a well-lit home spreads an aura of positivity all around it.
Floor standing lights are fixtures that provide dazzling brightness to the entire space where the standing light is placed while also proving to be a stylish accessory to complement the decor of your house.
Placing floor lights at different corners of the house like bedrooms, the living room, or even in the office spaces certainly brings an oomph factor in the abode.
The floor-standing lights with soft lighting can be placed in the corner of your living room to create a Zen mode. Or it can also elevate your reading and working experience by giving out directed lighting when placed behind your favorite sofa chair.
The floor lamps come in various different styles and designs, from mid-era to novelty, which will coordinate well with your lavish furnishings.
The addition of floor lights to your space works as a decor element with adjustable height, and the size of the bulb can enlighten your room according to your preference and the kind of mood you want to foster.
These light fixtures prove to be an incredible alternative to use as a perusing light in your lounge room right beside your favorite spot as these lamps do not require a table to be kept on.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Floor Lamps Online

Standing table lamps lend a classy and elegant touch to your room while saving the space occupied by bulky luminous accessories otherwise. These lamps are the perfect blend of style and function.
Finding the right spot to place a standing floor light depends on a lot of factors like the type of lamp, lighting needs of the space, and the height of the lamp. While selecting the perfect floor lamp for your area may be a challenging task, we have listed a few tips that could help ease your selection process.

1. To avoid the glare, your standing floor lamp shade should be at or below your eye level if it is placed beside your seat.
2. If the lamp is placed away from the seating area, opt for a light that is taller in height for ambient lighting.
3. Different shapes of lamp shades provide different lighting - either ambient or directed.
4. The floor lamp light sets create a dramatic effect in the bedroom or office spaces with their matching sets placed on different heights from one another.
5. A tower lamp provides ambient lighting while a down bridge floor lamp provides focussed light.

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The floor standing lights come in various options, which helps us to alter the force of light it reflects, making it convenient for the host to set the mood of the house.
These light fixtures prove to be an incredible option for enhancing the look of the room as they add a great touch of lavishness and sophistication to the entire space.
This type of illuminating space overhead lights is a remarkable method to complement your living or office spaces. You can easily explore all the options at the stores of Al Salhiya Lighting in UAE.

These impressive line of lighting options are available with numerous brands and can be purchased effortlessly online at salhiyalighting.com from a wide range of colonial design antiques to the modern-day novelty styles.

For further assistance and recommendations, please feel free to get in touch with our online representatives at salhiyalighting.com, or you can also contact us on Whatsapp.