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Ceiling Lights

Check out our range of spectacular and energy-efficient ceiling lights to illuminate your space at Al Salhiya Lighting. We offer different styles like Arabic, classic, and contemporary, to adorn the view of the room.

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Ceiling Lights

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Ceiling Lights

Bold yet Beaming Ceiling Lights

A room with bright and decorative lights creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Modern ceiling lights are a great alternative to the wall tube lights and conventional lamp designs.

The choices are no longer limited to the traditional flush mounts. We offer a wide range of attractive ceiling lights ranging from a sleek single light pendant to chandeliers and linear suspensions for a bold yet beautiful look.

Ceiling lights have been designed to become a part of your interior decor and augment your living room and other spaces.

The LED light fittings have different colour temperatures that can radically modify the look and feel of a space.

False ceiling lights can be installed to add instant opulence and transform the atmosphere of your house by accentuating the mood of your room.

The abstract and elaborate ceiling chandelier lights lend a contemporary yet romantic feel to the house.

LED ceiling fixtures offer high illumination but can also induce a warm feeling in the space by setting the accents of the light fixtures. 

Tips for buying the Perfect Ceiling Lights Online

The designer ceiling lights provided by Al Salhiya Lighting Center, UAE, come in an impressive array of options that look good in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

We offer many beautiful, energy-efficient choices of ceiling lights to replace an existing ceiling light with sleek pendant lights, and small to large chandeliers. The points listed below will help you select the perfect lighting to decorate your space.

1. Flush mount or semi-flush mount fixtures are best for rooms with low hanging ceilings like bedrooms, bath areas, and kitchen spaces.

2. The linear suspensions and chandeliers are decorative fixtures perfect for installation in the foyer, in the entryway or over the dining table. 

3. Hanging flush mount lighting fixtures in the center of the room is ideal for providing general, overall illumination.

4. The appearance of the kitchen, living room or office space can be accentuated with a bright and attractive track or monorail lighting fixtures.

5. Paintings and photographs on the walls can be elegantly displayed by using ceiling spotlights, which emphasizes their presence.

6. The ceiling spotlights can provide the right amount of light that you will need while reading a book. 

7. Recessed fixtures are installed directly in the ceilings for overhead task lighting, which can be added to complement the pendants, chandeliers, ceiling fans, etc.

8. The bold industrial and minimalist lighting fixture suits best in workshops, and arts and crafts rooms because of the high and overall illumination of the room.

Refreshing Lighting Solutions

The new ceiling light fixtures accentuate the furnishings of the space without overpowering it. Modern lighting has a renewed sense of freshness and style that offers perfect illumination to your home. 

The online ceiling lights at our UAE stores are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and shapes, give an elegant and glamourous appeal to any kind of space- indoors and outdoors.

Browse More Ceiling Lights Options Online

We at Al Salhiya Lighting Center provide fixtures that are easy to install and that lend a decorative and charming touch for home DIY renovation projects.

You can visit our stores in the UAE, or you can also check out options online at salhiyalighting.com to find the ceiling lights that will transform your space from average to amazing. 

We also offer energy-saving, high safety, long-lasting, and environmental-friendly options in the form of convenient and affordable LED ceiling lights.

For further assistance with the ceiling lights, including questions about the products, feel free to ping us at salhiyalighting.com!